Taylin + Taylor Lewan's Wedding in Big Sur, California



Big Sur, California



The drama of the California coastline and the serenity of the redwoods collide in Big Sur, California, which is where we scouted the best venue for Taylin and Taylor Lewan’s wedding. Taylor plays for the Tennessee Titans, so getting on a tiny helicopter with them to fly into Big Sur during the landslides is something I will never forget! We saw Ventana when it was closed down and before it went through a big renovation, but I knew it had potential. We blindly booked the venue and moved forward with planning their celebration.

All the design elements were inspired by the location. Their paper details mixed translucent vellum and watercolor paintings, designed by Jenny Sanders. The escort sign was done in a heavy acrylic to carry the theme of transparency. Jasmine Rae Cakes designed a delicate piece of art that mimicked the waves of the ocean.

The calm setting also had a healthy dose of fun. Taylor is one of the funniest people I have ever met! He wanted tattoos to be given on site, but since we could not legally do that, we hired a local tarot card reader and Smileboth to give their guests options during the reception. These gorgeous images captured by Jessica Lorren take me back to that perfect weather day!

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