Re / treat

A retreat implies a withdrawal from normal life. A disruption to our routine can create the space for restoration. I think that when we give ourselves the opportunity to rest, we also find a place to RE / store our centeredness and RE / connect with what is meaningful to us. I designed the RE / treat for that purpose. It’s an offering that fulfills my own longing and my desire to share the space with other inspiring creatives. This retreat is designed to give you space to sit with yourself and others. I’ve teamed up with a like-minded creative friend of mine, Ashley Sawtelle, who is a photographer located in Colorado. We’re hosting a small and intimate group (no more than 12 spaces) at an amazing location outside of Austin in Dripping Springs, Texas. We chose days during the week with the hope that it’s easier to get away if you work in the event industry. We are eager to hear about what you’re looking for in a retreat. The agenda of our time together will be curated to the group attending. Once you purchase a ticket, we’ll send you a questionnaire to get to know you.
$ 1,095.00 USD